Welcome to Ancient Athens 3D!

This site was created in order to present the monuments and buildings of Athens from the Mycenaean period (1600 BCE) to the Early Modern period (AD 1833), through 3D representations.   

Begin your virtual trip by choosing one of the historical periods from the main menu. The periods were separated by taking into account the significant architectural and city planning changes and not the equivalent historical chronological ones (although they do match to a great extent). Each period includes a list of monuments and areas. In every monument there is a short description and other information along with their 3D representation. 


A few words about the 3D representations

The representations presented herein, are basically artistic representations. Just like every other form of monument representation, it is practically impossible to achieve 100% accuracy of the reality.

More specifically, the 3D representations, excactly because of their photorealistic nature, are often easily misinterpreted when it comes to some of their elements. Consequently, the visitor of this site must take into account that many of the monument depictions contain simplifications and omissions that are result of several technical restrictions. Another important element, just like in every other attempt of representation, is the artistic licence which is present in the depiction, the virtual restoration and the surrounding environment reconstruction.

The artistic licence is also present in monuments that have left few or no traces at all (like the mycenaean palace of the Acropolis) and other complementary constructions -such as houses- that were incorporated into the render in order to create a more complete image of the monument and its space.

Nevertheless, there has been a great effort to create these representations according to the published archaeological and architectural scientific publications, in order to be as close to reality as possible (and much as the technology permits this). This is done with the help of the greek and international bibliography which is being constantly renewed as new finds come to light.

As it is natural in an effort like this website, there are mistakes and omissions. For this reason, every opinion or advice is welcome.


This website was created for educational purposes and the content is provided for free to all. Browse freely and respect the reference to the original source of the images and the text, during the Internet (and every other form of) sharing. The watermarks on the images may (rightfully) annoy many visitors. They were not present from the beginnings of the website, but were added as a result of extended unauthorized use, alteration and expropriation of the material.

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