The material of this website has been used quite often for many reasons (mainly educational) in conferences, museums, universities, schools, TV Shows, newspapers etc.

If you have used (or want to use) material from this website for educational purposes, it would be very appreciated to send us some information concerning how the material was used, give feedback and advices on how the content could be improved to help educational projects.

Here follows a list with some of the references and publications concerning Ancient Athens 3D:



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  • Representações da Cidade Antiga, categorias históricas e discursos filosóficos – Humanitas-Supplementum, Marta Mega de Andrade, Centro de Estudos Clássicos e Humanísticos da Universidade de Coimbra 2010 >>


 In Conferences:  

  • “1st Educational Conference about the Integration and use of ICT in educational process” Volos, April 2009, in the speech of Mrs. Maria Girtzi.
  • “2,500 years since the Battle of Marathon, Cycle C | History through the lens of the present | Remembrance and Pathos”, Onassis Cultural Centre, Athens, in the speech of Mr. Christos Chryssopoulos.
  • Innovation Arabia 9 Congress 2016 – Smart Learning Conference, 7-9 March 2016, in the “The use of 3D for intelligent higher education of heritage fields” by Amel Bellala Polytechnic national school of architecture and urbanism of Algiers, Algeria



  • Use of images in videos projected in the Museum of the City of Athens.
  • Representation of the Acropolis for the brochure of the cultural event «A BALKAN TALE», Goethe Institut, February 2012
  • Image of the Library of Hadrian printed on brochure for the archaeological site of the Library of Hadrian, Ministry of Culture, 2011
  • Usage of images in the Educational Programme of the Budapest Museum of Fine Arts, Department of Classical Antiquities, December 2010


TV Shows:

  • “I Michani tou Chronou – Acropolis, Symbol of Civilisation” 2nd Part. Greek National Television Channel (NET) 26 June 2011
  • “I Michani tou Chronou – The birth of Democracy in Ancient Athens” Part 1. Greek National Television Channel (EPT) 16 July 2016
  • “I Michani tou Chronou – The birth of Democracy in Ancient Athens” Part 2. Greek National Television Channel (EPT) 23 July, 2016



  • Ta Nea 28 July 2009,  in “Orizontes”, Article «Η περικοπή Γαβρά έγινε μπούμερανγκ για την εκκλησία» by Mary Adamopoulou, p. 1/19 and 7/41 (Reference in “Orizontes” 31 July 2009, «Διαδικτυακά», p. 23/3
  • Eleftherotypia  31 July 2009, in «Η άλλη όψη» Article: «Οι βάνδαλοι της Ακρόπολης» by N. Kontrarou-Rassia, p. 23,28-29.
  • Greek News Bulletin, Embassy of Greece in Finland “The long walls of Athens” (11/2/2010)


Resource for Universities and Colleges:

  • Monmouth College Illinois, Department of Classics, Dr. Michael Laughy
  • University of Washington, Department of Architecture, Louisa Iarocci
  • University of Edinburgh, School of History, Classics and Archaeology, Dr Lloyd Llewellyn-Jones
  • Boston College, Department of Classics, Kendra Eshleman
  • Haverford College Pensylvania, Department of Classics, Bret Mulligan


Resource for Schools:

  • Erasmeios Ellinogermaniki Sxoli
  • 12th Elementary School of Athens
  • 5th Elementary School of Cholargos